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Become a government certified eco ENERGY home energy advisor in Ontario

Ontario HomePerformance Energy Auditor

Are you a reliable individual familiar with home building and construction terminology? Do you have experience with, or knowledge about, home heating and cooling systems, or home inspection?

Are you passionate about energy efficiency, skilled at customer service, good with computers and dedicated to making a difference in Ontario and the world?

Become an energy advisor — Ontario

If you answered “yes” to the above, you could find your future with us, as a Certified Home Energy Advisor. Ontario HomePerformance Energy Advisors are a vital part of our effort to deliver Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Retrofit Incentive in communities across Ontario and Canada. This national program provides energy audits to help Canadians renovate for improved energy efficiency.

When you join our Ontario team of independent energy auditing professionals, you will ...

What you need

To become an Ontario HomePerformance Advisor, you’ll need pre-requisite skills, plus an equipment package, training and certification to operate as an official energy advisor under the Canada ecoENERGY Retrofit program. For more details, see below.

Pre-requisite skills

To apply to become a Certified HomePerformance Energy Advisor in Ontario, you should have the following pre-requisite skills or experience:

Plus ...

Equipment requirements

To become a certified Ontario HomePerformance Energy Advisor, you must have your own equipment, including ...

Advisor training — Ontario

You’ll attend an official energy auditor training course to learn the specific skills you’ll need to be a Ontario HomePerformance Energy Advisor. During this five-and-a-half-day intensive training session, you’ll receive ...

Once you complete classroom training, you will demonstrate competency by performing seven ecoENERGY assessments. Your instructors will review your energy audit work and provide valuable feedback.

Advisor certification

You’ll become officially certified as an ecoENERGY Advisor once you have successfully completed your seven assessments and passed a two-hour online examination administered by Natural Resources Canada.

By signing a contract, Ontario home energy advisors agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Building Insight’s license agreement with Natural Resources Canada. Advisors who fail to follow these terms and conditions will be de-certified.

Building Insight performs regular quality assurance by auditing all aspects of an Ontario energy advisor’s work. Quality assurance auditing activities include surveying Ontario customers and on-site advisor audits by our field coaches.

Code of Ethics

Your energy audit work in Ontario is governed by strict Code of Ethics guidelines developed by Natural Resources Canada.

Next Step

If you are interested in applying to become an Ontario HomePerformance Energy Advisor, send your phone number, a resume, details about your relevant background and experience, and any questions you might have, to Gregory Anders.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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