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Home Energy Renovation Grants in Ontario and BC
Renovation Grants

Choose the right energy renovations for your home — from attic, wall or basement insulation, high-efficiency furnaces or central air conditioners, geothermal or air-source heat pumps, solar or gas hot water heaters, to new windows and doors — and get up to $7,000 in government rebates. Read

Government Grants

Get BC and Ontario renovation rebates ...

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Energy Renovation

Get up to $7,000 in grants for furnaces, windows, insulation ... and more.
You’ll feel great in your energy efficient home. Here’s why.
You need a home energy audit before you upgrade to qualify for government grants + rebates.
Think globally, renovate locally. Learn more.


Save time and energy on your
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You’ve heard of climate change — but what can you do about it? Find out how to get started at home today.
Canadian homeowners in Ontario and BC explain how their home energy renovations save money and get government grants.
Will the energy you depend on be there when you need it?


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