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  • Ontario hydro electricity cost - energy audit

    Hydro utilities recommend energy audits

    Many Ontario homeowners can expect to see the cost of each month’s electricity bill increase by up to 16 percent or more. To help Ontario homeowners reduce energy use and lower their energy bills, many hydro utilities recommend a home energy audit as a good first step.

    Posted: August, 11, 2010
  • Ontario Home Energy grants

    Ontario Home Energy accepts entrants

    The Government of Ontario continues to accept new entrants to the Ontario Home Energy Savings program. This program grants Ontario homeowners rebates of up to $5,000 for home energy improvements, until March 31, 2011.

    Posted: April 19, 2010
  • Livesmart BC

    LiveSmart BC rebates extended

    The province of BC has reinstated provincial incentives for the popular LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program, for participants entering the program on or after April 1, 2010, announced Blair Lekstrom, BC Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources on April 16th, 2010.

    Announced: April 16, 2010
  • ecoENERGY program suspended

    ecoENERGY program suspended

    Effective March 31, 2010, the ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program is no longer accepting bookings for pre-retrofit evaluations. The program will continue to be administered until March 31, 2011. If you have already booked an appointment for a pre-retrofit evaluation, have completed an evaluation, or applied for re-entry to the program, you remain eligible to apply for a grant.

    Announced: March 31, 2010
  • ecoENERGY grants funding - Government of Canada

    More funding for ecoENERGY

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has earmarked an additional $80 million in funding for the Canadian government’s popular ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program, as part of Canada’s 2010 budget, announced on March 4, 2010.

    Announced: March 4, 2010
  • Canadians benefit Home Renovation Tax Credit

    Millions benefit from Home Renovation Tax Credit

    Canada’s recently completed Home Renovation Tax Credit, which granted Canadians up to $1,350 in nonrefundable tax credits for making lasting improvements to their homes, has been heralded as a successful economic stimulus by government and industry alike.

    Completed: January 31, 2010
  • Canada ecoENERGY grants + Ontario Home Energy rebates - 25% more

    Canada approves 25% increase for ecoENERGY grants

    Starting March 30, 2009, Canadian homeowners participating in ecoENERGY can get up to 25% more grant money for each renovation they make, up to a maximum of $5,000 per household.

    Effective: March 30, 2009 – March 31, 2011
  • Home Energy Assistance Toronto - HEAT

    Toronto gives grants for insulation improvements

    City of Toronto homeowners can get up to $1,000 in additional grants for improving their home’s insulation, under Toronto’s new energy-saving incentive program.

    Effective: August 6, 2009 – March 31, 2012
  • EnerGuide for Houses - home energy rating

    Canada’s own “Cash for Caulkers” program started in 2003

    The United States’ proposed “Cash for Caulkers“ program received a lot of attention when it was announced in President Barak Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address. But the idea of providing incentives to homeowners for making energy-savings improvements is largely a Canadian innovation.

    Posted: January 2010
  • Canada Home Renovation Tax Credit

    Canada Home Renovation Tax Credit

    In addition to Canada ecoENERGY grants and provincial rebates, Canadian homeowners can apply for Canada’s Home Renovation Tax Credit and claim up to $1,350 in tax credits towards their 2009 income tax. Eligible renovations include energy-saving furnaces, air conditioners, windows, insulation and more.

    Effective: January 28, 2009 – January 31, 2010
  • Furnace, Boiler, Hot Water Emergency Replacement - ecoENERGY grants

    New rule for emergency heat replacement

    Canadian homeowners who must replace their furnace, boiler or hot water heater under emergency conditions or for immediate health and safety reasons, can still qualify for Canada ecoENERGY grants and provincial rebates.

    Effective: October 15, 2009 – March 30, 2010
  • LiveSmart BC

    BC homeowners qualify for Canada grants

    BC homeowners who had home energy audits between August 16, 2009, and April 1, 2010, get LiveSmart BC-subsidized energy assessments and up to $5,000 in tax-free grants from the Canadian government’s ecoENERGY program.

    Effective: August 16, 2009

Get up to $10,000 government grants
for home renovations

Grants + rebates

You can receive Canadian government grants + Ontario or BC rebates for a shopping list of home energy renovations.

And there’s more.

Government grants

Take advantage of Canadian government grant + Ontario or British Columbia rebate programs for your home energy renovations.

Government grants — conditions

Some conditions apply.

More rebates & incentives

Ontario rebates

Ontario homeowners can get cash back on their first ecoENERGY audit with a Home Energy Audit rebate from the Ontario government.

Canada ecoENERGY grants — Ontario

Ontario homeowners can qualify for tax-free rebates as part of the Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

LiveSmart BC rebates

BC homeowners can qualify for tax-free rebates from the Government of British Columbia.

Home Renovation Tax Credit

Many Canadians use “tax credit” to describe government grant programs like Government of Canada ecoENERGY grants and LiveSmart BC rebates. The original Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) expired in 2010.

Your advisor can help

By choosing a HomePerformance Energy Advisor to do your home energy audit, you’ll receive information on government home energy renovation grants and rebates, and other energy improvement incentives available in your area.

Enjoy all the benefits

Do it right

Each Canadian home has its own specific energy-savings needs, and yours is no different. The right renovations add up to big savings. By following the expert advice of a Canada-certified energy advisor, you’ll make the energy renovations or "retrofits" that are right for your home — and help improve your energy costs and the Canadian environment.

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When you improve your home in Canada, you make a difference to the rest of the world. You’ll help address important global issues like ...

And there’s even more. Click here to learn how Canadian homeowners like you are saving thousands of dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, by making the right energy-saving home renovations. Canadians can make a difference.

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