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Your home’s energy efficiency matters at Building Insight Technologies.

In fact, we’ve built our business on making Canadian homes more comfortable. Since 1997 we’ve delivered more than 100,000 home energy assessments.

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As a licensed service organization for Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes, we take pride in our long history of helping homeowners achieve their energy-efficiency goals.

You can count on us because ...

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You want the best advice for your home renovations, which is why we train our HomePerformance Energy Advisors to be the independent, unbiased energy experts in your community.

You can count on our HomePerformance Energy Advisors
because ...

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Your energy renovations begin long before you make a single change to your home.

Building Insight provides a range of innovative tools to help you make the best decisions, right from the start. Tools like ...

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Get tax free Government of Ontario grants & BC rebates for home renovation
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Tax free rebates for home energy renovation - heat pumps, geothermal heating, solar, air conditioners, boilers, hrv, doors ... and more
Get tax free government grants + rebates for home enegy renovation

Toronto energy audit - Ontario home renovation Toronto furnace, air conditioner, windows
Vancouver energy audit - BC home renovation Vancouver heat pump, water heater
Ottawa energy audit - Ontario home renovation Ottawa furnace, windows & doors
Victoria energy audit - BC home renovation Victoria heat pump, air sealing

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