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Energy renovations put
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Home energy renovation - Windsor Ontario

Saving money on home energy costs means more money in your pocket.

It’s a fact that appealed to Windsor homeowner Dan Leavoy, especially when he saw how much energy his 1955 bungalow used.

When Leavoy had a home energy audit conducted by a certified Home Energy Advisor, he learned about the brick bungalow’s energy use patterns.

Windsor home renovation - furnace, windows, air conditioner

Windsor, Ontario - 1955

Windsor home renovation - new window insulation

Old basement window

Windsor home renovation - new window insulation

New basement window

Windsor home renovation - gas furnace

New furnaceOld furnace

Windsor home renovation - tankless water heater

New water heaterOld water heater

Windsor home renovation - gas furnace

New air conditionerOld air conditioner

Home energy audit

The heating and cooling systems were old and inefficient, and the home’s structure let air and heat travel through the walls and around the windows. In fact, the home’s energy use was so inefficient, it rated just 48 on the Canada EnerGuide scale, out of a possible 100 points.

Energy-saving renovations

Knowing he was spending too much money on keeping his home comfortable, Leavoy quickly decided to make some energy-saving renovations. And when he learned about government grants and rebates that were available to help him with the cost, he decided to make as many energy-saving renovations as he could.

His Home Energy Advisor helped him choose the most beneficial renovations, and the process was “simple and clear,” Leavoy says. He followed the Energy Advisor’s suggestions, and began renovating his whole home. “The grants made it easier,” he adds.

Insulation and air sealing

One of the biggest renovations Leavoy tackled was to insulate his home’s attic, main walls, and basement. He improved his attic insulation to a value of R-50 by adding more insulation to the small amount that was already there.

He installed fiberglass batt insulation between the studs in the main walls and basement walls, and sealed the insulated spaces to keep air from flowing through small cracks and gaps in the home’s structure. The improvements were noticeable right away: the home was instantly able to maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature.

Energy Star windows

To keep the indoor air temperature within a comfortable range, Leavoy installed 27 high-efficiency thermal windows, Energy Star-rated for the Windsor climate zone. The new windows do more than make the house look great. High-efficiency windows keep homes quieter by dampening the noise from outdoors, and improve the indoor air quality by keeping pollen and pollution out.

The grants made it easier.
Dan Leavoy, Windsor

High-efficiency furnace and air conditioner

A well-insulated, airtight home helps a furnace or air conditioner operate at peak efficiency, because it keeps the warmed or cooled air at a constant temperature for a longer time. The heating or cooling equipment doesn’t have to turn on as frequently or for as long, which means it uses less energy.

Leavoy took advantage of government grants and rebates for new high-efficiency gas furnaces and Energy Star-rated central air conditioners. He was able to install a high-efficiency condensing gas furnace and an Energy Star-rated air conditioner, the most efficient types available, because the grants helped offset the costs.

My home is more comfortable and the bills have been cut in half.
Dan Leavoy, Windsor

Instantaneous hot water

As a builder, Leavoy knows that efficiency doesn’t stop with heating and cooling the air. He decided to replace his old storage-style hot water tank with a new instantaneous hot water heater, which saves energy because it only heats water as it’s needed. Also called an “on-demand” or “tankless” water heater, it provides Leavoy with as much hot water as he needs, and it never runs out.

Low-flush toilets

Conserving water is as important as conserving energy, especially when it comes to saving money. To reduce his domestic water consumption by as much as half, Leavoy installed three low-flush toilets, each of which was also eligible for grants and rebates from the Canadian and provincial governments.

Energy savings

If you save on your energy, you can spend it on other things.
Dan Leavoy, Windsor

Overall, the renovations have made a major difference, says Leavoy. Not only did he receive thousands of dollars back in grants and rebates, but the effect of his energy-saving changes is bound to be long-lasting. “My home is more comfortable and the bills have been cut in half.” And, he adds, “if you save on your energy, you can spend it on other things.”

Windsor energy audit - home renovation
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Government grants

Windsor homeowners can choose from a shopping list of renovation grants from the Government of Canada:

Windsor homeowners can also get ...

And there’s more.

Take advantage of Government of Canada ecoENERGY grants for home energy renovation in Windsor:

Enjoy all the benefits

Do it right

Each Windsor home has its own specific energy-savings needs, and yours is no different. The right renovations add up to big savings. By following the expert advice of a certified Ontario energy advisor, you’ll make the energy renovations or "retrofits" that are right for your Windsor home — and help improve your energy costs and the Windsor environment.

Energy renovations help ...

And that’s not all. Here are more benefits ...

When you improve your home in Windsor, you also make a difference to the rest of the world. You’ll help address important global issues like ...

And there’s even more. Click here to learn how Windsor homeowners like you are saving thousands of dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, by making the right energy-saving home renovations. Windsor Ontario homeowners can make a difference.

Get started today!

Learn more about Renovation Rebates in Windsor Ontario ...

Home Structure


To qualify you need a Windsor home energy audit before your renovations.

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