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Home energy improvement - North Vancouver, BC

After Mohsen and Fatemeh Ghannadi had lived in the two-storey 1971 North Vancouver home for two years, they were curious to know how energy-efficient their home really was.

They and their young daughter wanted to find ways to use less energy. “It’s a matter of being responsible,” says Mohsen. “We needed confirmation that the work needed to be done.”

Vancouver home renovation

North Vancouver, BC - 1971

Vancouver home renovation - old attic insulation

Old attic insulation

Vancouver home renovation - new attic insulation

New attic insulation

New high-efficiency furnace

New furnaceOld furnace

Energy Advisor

To determine which energy-saving improvements their home needed most, the family had a home energy audit conducted by a Vancouver Home Energy Advisor.

Their advisor examined the home, paying special attention to its structure, insulation, and heating and cooling equipment.

He used a blower door, which depressurizes the home with a special high-powered fan, to determine where the home was losing the most energy, and determined that the home’s overall energy efficiency rated 48 on the Canadian EnerGuide scale of 0 to 100. That meant there was room for plenty of improvement. “To have someone with the proper tools to do the audit was a great help,” says Mohsen.

High-efficiency furnace

Choosing which energy renovation to tackle first is often a matter of picking the one that will save the most money. “We chose to do the furnace first, because it was the most inefficient. We were losing almost 50 percent of the energy,” Mohsen says.

He replaced his home’s old natural gas furnace with a new high-efficiency condensing gas furnace — a Carrier model with a 96.5 percent efficiency and a DC variable-speed motor.

This kind of furnace harnesses as much heating energy as possible from the natural gas it uses as fuel, and circulates that heat throughout the home using a small, continuously operating fan.

We chose to do the furnace first, because it was the most inefficient.
Mohsen B., North Vancouver

Energy Star windows

The Ghannadis decided to replace seven of their old windows with high-efficiency thermal windows that are Energy Star-rated for the Vancouver climate zone.

These types of windows have two panes of glass sandwiched around a layer of air or inert argon gas, which helps slow down heat transferring through the glass itself. By choosing Energy Star windows, homeowners can save on their home heating bills, and get government grants and rebates.

Attic insulation

To help their home retain as much heat as possible, the Ghannadis’ Vancouver Energy Advisor suggested they install additional insulation in the home’s attic. The roof was responsible for a significant amount of energy loss, and by improving their attic insulation to R-50, they would be able to stop most of that heat from escaping. Not only would their home feel more comfortable, but they’d get government grants and rebates — and save on their energy bills from the day the insulation was installed.

To have someone with the proper tools to do the audit was a great help.
Mohsen B., North Vancouver

Hiring contractors

To do the insulation work, Mohsen says he got quotes from at least three Vancouver-area contractors for each job — the windows, the furnace and the insulation. He chose his contractors based on their quotes, which reflected their ability and their price.

He recommends homeowners who are considering energy-saving renovations “do your homework and try to understand to what degree you need to get work done ... then research and get quotes from at least three contractors ... before choosing the right one.”

Energy savings

After all the renovations were complete, Mohsen notes, his North Vancouver home has become more energy efficient.

My energy bills are at least 30% lower ... I can turn up the thermostat without having to pay extra costs.
Mohsen B., North Vancouver

His Energy Advisor confirms this fact, with a new EnerGuide rating of 66, which reflects the various renovations and improvements. But more importantly, Mohsen says, “my energy bills are at least 30% lower ... I can turn up the thermostat without having to pay extra costs, and know that my daughter will be comfortable.”

It’s a good feeling to know the house uses less energy, he adds, and “to know that we are polluting the air less. We want our daughter to enjoy this world as much as we do.”

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To qualify you need a Vancouver home energy audit before your renovations.

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