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Home energy renovation - Kelowna BC

The two-bedroom bungalow Gerhard Bress and his wife have lived in for the past 17 years is relatively energy-efficient, like many Kelowna, BC, homes of its age. But for these retired Kelowna homeowners, the home’s old furnace spelled trouble.

The old furnace had to be serviced frequently, Bress explains, and while it worked well enough, he felt it wasted natural gas.

Kelowna home renovation - gas furnace, air sealing

Kelowna, BC - 1990

New gas furnace renovation

New gas furnace

New high-efficiency furnace

New furnaceOld furnace

Energy audit

So when he spotted an advertisement in his local newspaper about the Canadian government’s ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program, he decided to have a BC Energy Advisor do a home energy audit on his home. That way, he could qualify for government grants and rebates to offset the costs of replacing his furnace.

The Kelowna Energy Advisor visited Bress’ home to conduct a thorough audit of its structure, energy efficiency, and heating and cooling equipment.

“The auditor was very nice, informative, and honest,” says Bress. The energy advisor told him how to renovate his home to make it warmer and less drafty — and to become eligible for government grants.

Bress also learned that his home scored 64 on the Canadian EnerGuide for Houses scale, out of a possible 100. “Compared to other B.C. houses, this one was in good shape,” says Bress.

High-efficiency gas furnace

The energy audit also confirmed Bress’ suspicions about the home’s old furnace: it was time for a replacement, preferably with a high-efficiency furnace that would be eligible for a government grant.

Bress installed a Carrier brand high-efficiency natural gas furnace, with an annual fuel use efficiency of 96 percent. “That and the air sealing brought our home from [a score] of 64 to 74.”

The [home energy] auditor was very nice, informative, and honest.
Gerhard Bress, Kelowna BC

Air sealing

The air sealing work on Bress’ home included sealing cracks and gaps around the windows and in the fireplace, which leaked a significant amount of air.

Air sealing helps keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer because it prevents indoor and outdoor air from moving through gaps in the home’s structure. Air sealing helps furnaces and air conditioners function more efficiently by keeping more of the warmed or cooled air indoors, where it belongs.

Our winter was worse this year, but the bills were still lower than last year.
Gerhard Bress, Kelowna BC

These renovations have resulted in significant energy savings, despite more extreme weather conditions. “Our winter was worse this year, but the bills were still lower than last year,” says Bress.

Kelowna energy audit - home renovation
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Government grants

Kelowna homeowners can choose from a shopping list of Interior & Northern LiveSmart BC rebates:

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Take advantage of government rebates + grants up to $7,000 and more for home energy renovation in Kelowna BC:

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Do it right

Each Kelowna home has its own specific energy-savings needs, and yours is no different. The right renovations add up to big savings. By following the expert advice of a certified BC energy advisor, you’ll make the energy renovations or "retrofits" that are right for your Kelowna home — and help improve your energy costs and the Kelowna BC environment.

Energy renovations help ...

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When you improve your home in Kelowna, you also make a difference to the rest of the world. You’ll help address important global issues like ...

And there’s even more. Click here to learn how Kelowna homeowners like you are saving thousands of dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, by making the right energy-saving home renovations. Kelowna BC homeowners can make a difference.

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Learn more about Renovation Rebates in Kelowna BC ...

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To qualify you need a Kelowna home energy audit before your renovations.

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