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Home energy renovation - Kamloops BC

When Kamloops, BC, resident Lincoln Cadogan noticed his home energy bills were going up, he started to think about how much it cost to keep his home comfortable.

It seemed that he was paying more than he should have been, just to heat and cool the 1974 two-level home. Cadogan decided it would be smart to renovate his Kamloops home, to reduce the cost and improve the comfort of living there.

Kamloops home renovation - window, air sealing, insulation

Windows, air sealing, basement insulation: Kamloops, BC - 1974

Kamloops home renovation - fireplace air sealing chimney

Fireplace: air sealing chimney

Home energy audit

Before he made any improvements, though, Cadogan had a home energy audit to learn which energy renovations would provide the biggest savings. When a BC Home Energy Advisor visited his home to conduct the audit, Cadogan discovered there was a major reason why his home energy costs were so high: his home was losing more than 35 gigajoules of energy each year. That’s a lot of energy, and it was vanishing thanks to the home’s 12 old, rattling windows.

Insulation saves money

Cadogan’s home energy audit also revealed that his Kamloops home lost another 32 gigajoules of energy each year because of uninsulated walls in his basement crawl space. By insulating his basement, the energy auditor explained, Cadogan could save hundreds of dollars, and stay more comfortable at the same time.

Between new, high-efficiency Energy Star-rated windows and additional basement insulation, Cadogan could save as much as 46 gigajoules of energy in a year. “The guy gave me good tips,” he says.

Air sealing stops drafts

Besides the energy that escaped through his Kamloops home’s windows and walls, Cadogan says he was surprised by how much warmth his home lost through the fireplace — not just up the chimney, but through cracks between the bricks themselves. When the Home Energy Advisor used a blower door to do an air leak test, Cadogan saw for himself how his home was losing warm air and getting chilly drafts.

Around the fireplace, there was quite a bit of air coming through there.
Lincoln Cadogan, Kamloops BC

As the home depressurized, cold air whooshed in from around doors and windows, through the fireplace, and even through the wall’s electrical outlets.

After pinpointing all the places where drafts happened, Cadogan’s energy advisor explained simple ways to fix them.

Energy Star windows

After insulating the crawl space and replacing all 12 windows with Energy Star-rated high-efficiency windows, Cadogan says his home feels much more pleasant.

They don’t mist up or fog up any more.
Lincoln Cadogan, Kamloops BC

“I have noticed quite a bit of difference with the windows,” Cadogan says. They don’t contribute as much to solar heat gain in the summer, and in the winter, they help the house stay at a more even temperature. “They don’t mist up or fog up any more.”

Kamloops energy audit - home renovation
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Government grants

Kamloops homeowners can choose from a shopping list of Interior & Northern LiveSmart BC rebates:

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Do it right

Each Kamloops home has its own specific energy-savings needs, and yours is no different. The right renovations add up to big savings. By following the expert advice of a certified BC energy advisor, you’ll make the energy renovations or "retrofits" that are right for your Kamloops home — and help improve your energy costs and the Kamloops BC environment.

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When you improve your home in Kamloops, you also make a difference to the rest of the world. You’ll help address important global issues like ...

And there’s even more. Click here to learn how Kamloops homeowners like you are saving thousands of dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, by making the right energy-saving home renovations. Kamloops BC homeowners can make a difference.

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Learn more about Renovation Rebates in Kamloops BC ...

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To qualify you need a Kamloops home energy auditt before your renovations.

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