Canada home energy renovations Spring into Summer

Stop the sniffles with a simple fix
Get a tax free government air sealing rebate + home renovation grant

At-choo! Sniffle, sniffle, sniff. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

In the springtime, allergens are at an all-time seasonal high. Allergy sufferers are miserable. It feels like there’s nowhere to escape, not even at home.

Breathe easy

Wouldn’t it be nice to seal yourself inside an allergy-free zone?

Even if we can’t live in a plastic bubble, a simple energy-saving renovation can make your home a haven, even in allergy season. It will stop pollen and other pollutants from entering your home, and let you breathe easy year-round.

Seal out pollen

Air sealing is an energy-saving renovation that blocks off all the tiny cracks and gaps in your home. These spaces are so small or hidden, you may not even notice them. But combined, they can amount to the equivalent of a whole window or door that’s open all the time. They let pollen, smog particles and dust in to irritate you.

Common trouble spots for air leakage include ...

Expert help makes it simple

To discover where your home could benefit from air sealing, have a professional energy advisor conduct a blower door test on your home. This specialized piece of equipment helps show the places where pollen-filled air sneaks in to your home. Target these trouble spots with air sealing technologies like weather stripping, foam insulation and caulk. You’ll block out the allergens and create a healthier indoor environment.

Enjoy added benefits

Air sealing helps your house operate more efficiently.

Government grants

Get started today with government grants + rebates for air sealing.

Enjoy all the benefits

Do it right

Each Canadian home has its own specific energy-savings needs, and yours is no different. The right renovations add up to big savings. By following the expert advice of a Canada-certified energy advisor, you’ll make the energy renovations or "retrofits" that are right for your home — and help improve your energy costs and the Canadian environment.

Energy renovations help ...

And that’s not all. Here are more benefits ...

When you improve your home in Canada, you make a difference to the rest of the world. You’ll help address important global issues like ...

And there’s even more. Click here to learn how Canadian homeowners like you are saving thousands of dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, by making the right energy-saving home renovations. Canadians can make a difference.

Get started today!

Learn more about Renovation Grants in Canada ...

Home Renovation


To qualify you need a Canadian home energy audit before your renovations.

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